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Art Gallery of Sudbury

Advertising Campaigns, Branding, Promotional Materials, Print Design

Frederick Hagan captured the beautiful loneliness we all know and love about the Northern Ontario landscape.

The Art Gallery of Sudbury came to us to help brand and promote their new exhibit by prolific Canadian artist Frederick Hagan (1918-2003). The exhibit featured a series of prints of the lonely landscapes Hagan experienced as he explored Northern Ontario between 1942 and 1953. The brand had to reflect the spirit of Hagan’s artwork and his life, so we began with a research phase with help from the awesome curatorial team at the AGS before starting our own creative exploration. We created a brand inspired by Hagan’s journals filled with field notes and sketches, with a nod to the introspective, industrious, and straightforward nature of his work.

We carried the brand through the exhibit's environmental graphics, including the signage, artwork labels, and didactic panels. We also marketed the exhibit externally in the form of digital billboards, social media marketing and printed promotional items to spark curiosity for the exhibit in the community.

All design collateral is bilingual and was designed to easily adapt as it travels with the exhibit to other Canadian art galleries, sharing Frederick Hagan’s record of adventure, observation, and reflection among the trees, rocks, and lakes of Northern Ontario.

Mowr Landscapes

Branding, Copywriting, Digital, Logos & Collateral, Naming, Promotional Materials, Print Design, Responsive Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), UI / UX Design

Start your mowers! The owner of Snow Squad is a very busy guy. His Summer yard maintenance and landscaping business was in need of a refresh to match the slick brand we developed for Snow Squad.

Step one was renaming the business to something unique, catchy and that better represented the essence of the company. Mowr Landscapes was chosen for its punch, quirk, and availability of web and social media properties. We then developed the tagline 'Your yard deserves Mowr,' a beautifully subtle double entendre that would drive the marketing of the brand.

Step two was creating a brand that matched the flavour of the name and copy. Although various concepts were explored, we decided that having a connection to the sister company, Snow Squad, would be beneficial for overall brand recognition. The stylized W represents a blade of grass just waiting to be chopped by the Mowr team.

Step three was taking the brand into the digital realm. We designed and built the custom website with interactions that would intensify the fun nature of the brand. The result is an optimized site with great load time and overall aesthetic.

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Couleurs locales

Audio & Video Production, Branding, Immersive Brand Experiences, Logos & Collateral

Behold Canada’s voice around the table. Couleurs locales is a national TV talk show produced by Machine Gum Productions which airs on the UNIS network. It features four francophone columnists who report on the realities of their corner of the country. Covering public affairs from coast to coast in an innovative way, the show paints a colourful picture of our great nation.

We designed a beautiful brand that represents the diversity of our people and stories. By tastefully fusing retro and modern typography with a mix of vibrant colours, we were able to create a unique look that bridges the gap between generations. We applied this same sense of playfulness to the series’ intro and outro animations by bringing the viewer on a fly-by tour from east to west and everywhere in between. This same vibe was applied across various animations, transitions, titles and bumpers that give the show its quirk and personality. Approaching the small screen with a bold new design has set the show apart.

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Palladino Auto Group

Audio & Video Production, Branding, Logos & Collateral, Print Design

Palladino Auto Group is one of Canada’s fastest growing automotive groups. We’ve developed brands for several of their new and existing dealerships. We also branded the Palladino Promise and created a series of videos to be used to promote the new program offered by the Palladino Auto Group. We continue to work with the team as they expand their operations across Ontario.


4K Multi-Display Walls, Audio & Video Production, Digital, Dynamic Displays, Immersive Brand Experiences, Interactive Trade Show Displays, Interactive

Following Nokia’s brand guidelines, we designed the interfaces for several of the global technology corporation's interactive touchscreen demos for the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, which greeted 90,000 people from around the world. We collaborated with Ottawa development firm Machine Agency on this ambitious project.

Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario

Advertising Campaigns, Communications Strategy, Digital, Promotional Materials, Print Design, Responsive Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), UI / UX Design, Wordpress Development

As agency of record for the Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario, we've completed various projects to help the organization grow their reach and attract a new audience. We started with an overhaul of their online strategy and built a new responsive website incorporating WordPress in 2015. The website features a thorough archive of their past exhibitions, is bilingual, and is fully managed by their team. We continue our work with them, promoting their current and upcoming exhibitions by creating online and print communication tools to engage their target demographic.

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Robineau Mortgages

Branding, Copywriting, Digital, Logos & Collateral, Print Design, Responsive Website Design, UI / UX Design

Until we met Guy Robineau, we didn’t know someone could be so enthusiastic about mortgages. After over a decade working as a financial advisor, Guy decided to launch Robineau Mortgages to assist clients in successfully reaching their homeownership goals. Guy came to us looking for a brand that would exemplify his helpful and collaborative approach to his services.

We designed a fresh and friendly logo using a continuous line drawing to represent Guy’s straightforward approach to navigating the mortgage process for both residential and commercial clients. We developed his tagline, “Feel at home” to reflect Guy’s approachable way of educating clients about the mortgage process. The brand extends onto the custom website, where Guy’s services and professional experience are highlighted to emphasize the brand's personalized approach as opposed to the “one-size-fits-all” terms of other mortgage providers.

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International Mines Rescue Competition

Audio & Video Production, Branding, Logos & Collateral, Print Design, Promotional Materials

The International Mines Rescue Competition (IMRC) brings together international mining teams from across the world around one common goal—health and safety in the mining industry. As the host for IMRC’s 10th edition, the eyes of the mining industry were fixed on Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

We worked closely with the IMRC, Workplace Safety North, and Ontario Mine Rescue teams for over a year in preparation for the unforgettable global event. We created a custom brand for Sudbury's edition of IMRC and designed all marketing collateral including roll-up banners, exhibit booth backdrops, apparel, event programme, and produced engaging videos that summarized the week's events.

Stitch & Stone

Branding, Logos & Collateral, Naming, Print Design, Promotional Materials

Gabrielle Roy came to us with a vision of what she wanted her store to be, and asked us to help her bring it to life. After learning more about the aspirations she had for her small business, including a transition from temporary pop-up spot to permanent location, we began the naming process. We were inspired by her personality, her creative outlook on her business, her passion and the love for her children and proposed a set of names that echoed that inspiration. After a few days of consideration, Stitch & Stone was born.

We then designed a brand with a whimsical, bohemian vibe that communicates to potential clients the type of products Stitch & Stone has to offer. We designed Gabe's business cards, consulted on signage, set up her Shopify website, secured social media properties on her behalf, and helped in any other way we could. Since then, the team at Stitch & Stone has continued to leverage the brand to reach new levels, attracting interest and customers from across North America.

Being part of the start up process has allowed us to create a brand that evolves and extends, as Stitch & Stone continues to soar.

Crop Up North

Audio & Video Production, Branding, Communications Strategy, Copywriting, Logos & Collateral, Naming, Promotional Materials, Print Design, Responsive Website Design, UI / UX Design, Wordpress Development

Holy crop! Northeastern Ontario is full of opportunities for small-scale, ecological farmers but most don’t know it. The time was ripe for someone to stand up for this beautiful, giant piece of crop.

We developed a playful brand, slogan and marketing campaign that not only gets people talking about farming in the North, but also gives farmers the resources they need to relocate and get shovels in the ground. A slick responsive website built in WordPress helps farmers find markets for their products, local food organizations and processing facilities while a cinematic series of videos we produced tells the stories of real farmers cropping up North.

They said the North was one big piece of crop. They were right.

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Amanda Berloni Professional Corporation

Branding, Communications Strategy, Copywriting, Digital, Logos & Collateral, Print Design, Promotional Materials, Responsive Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, UI / UX Design

Amanda Berloni is an accomplished corporate, commercial and real estate lawyer. She returned to Sudbury to put down roots and open her own practice after working for a major law firm in Toronto for several years. She trusted us to build her brand to exemplify the professional, courteous and service-driven essence of her business.

After designing a clean, modern, and modest wordmark, we started to explore graphic devices that would help communicate Amanda’s message. We developed her tagline, “Let’s put down roots.” and created an illustrated version of her office; a century old home in her city’s core. We applied the same aesthetic to her custom, responsive website, and optimized the content to create a site that ranks very well on Google searches. We continue to work with Amanda, helping her market her services to new clients.

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l’Association des professionnels de la chanson et de la musique

Audio & Video Production, Branding, Logos & Collateral, Promotional Materials, Print Design

L’Association des professionnels de la chanson et de la musique (APCM) is a national organization that supports the culture, promotion, and development of French-Canadian musicians. We developed their brand in 2010 and have supported them since through various design projects focused on special event promotion. Most recently, we designed a refined brand for the 2017 edition of the Trille Or Awards, a week-long event capped off by an awards gala recognizing French-Canadian music and musicians. In addition to the brand redesign, we designed all the promotional materials for the celebration, including event programme, signage, and television graphics.

Snow Squad

Advertising Campaigns, Branding, Copywriting, Digital, Logos & Collateral, Naming, Promotional Materials, Print Design, Responsive Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), UI / UX Design, Wordpress Development

Two young entrepreneurs came to us with an innovative and exciting way to deal with the mountains of snow that pile high during Northern Ontario winters. They created a large scale, snow blowing service dedicated to top notch customer service and reliable snow removal, no matter the conditions. The only problem was that their existing brand, Think Tree, didn’t reflect their passion or unique service.

We worked to reinvent their brand from the ground up. We took on the task of renaming the company with a name that would reinforce the idea of a hardworking crew of people dedicated to ensuring freedom from snowbanks. Snow Squad was coined, and a beautiful brand was designed.

We then built a clean, responsive website with a custom set of illustrations to exemplify the user benefits of the service. We also developed all of their traditional marketing materials such as business cards, quote sheets, tractor decals, branded lawn stakes, door knockers, email newsletter, and billboards. It was a pleasure working with these young, energetic, and accomplished entrepreneurs to create an all-encompassing brand that remains true to their passion for innovation and progress.

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Architectural Projection, Audio & Video Production, Digital, Immersive Brand Experiences, Interactive

Creating immersive brand experiences and engaging the community is part of our DNA. Here's a little experiment we did to bring smiles to the streets during the Santa Claus Parade in Downtown Sudbury. Armed with a podium, big red button, and 3G connection, we were able to create an interactive GIF slot machine that projected classic Christmas scenes on the windows of one of Sudbury’s most historic buildings.

Balade à Toronto

Digital, Responsive Website Design, Wordpress Development, UI / UX Design

Balade à Toronto is a nationally televised series on UNIS network, produced by Machine Gum Productions. Ten Francophone artists from across the country are invited to tour Toronto for a few days and play a few of their favourite songs. This series gives us a first hand glimpse into Canada’s musical fabric.

We built a custom, responsive WordPress website with a clean user interface that features engaging and captivating content from artist sessions including 360° video, intimate interviews, audio sets, photo galleries and more. A robust back-end system allows new artists to be added and the overall structure and design of the site to remain consistent. The design of the website has evolved and adapted with the addition of every new season of programming.

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Ontario Rivers Alliance

Brand Standards Guides, Branding, Digital, Logos & Collateral, Print Design, Promotional Materials, Responsive Website Design, UI / UX Design, Wordpress Development

They protect, conserve and restore healthy river ecosystems across Ontario. We built a brand and a custom Wordpress website to reflect the important work the Ontario Rivers Alliance does. The website features various ways for people to get involved including volunteer opportunities, petitions, and donations. We also built a robust blog system with a multi-tiered categorization system to keep track of the province's Rivers at Risk. We also couldn't resist adding some dynamic hover over effects that really bring the site to life.

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Northern Lights Festival Boréal

Advertising Campaigns, Branding, Digital, Digital Marketing, Logos & Collateral, Promotional Materials, Print Design

Northern Lights Festival Boréal organizers were looking for a more youthful and vibrant brand to represent the evolution of the festival and came to us to help make it happen. We began with a research phase to determine the future goals of the organizing committee and began our creative exploration for the brand. For the 2016 edition, the bear was chosen as the central image for the brand because of its symbolism of happiness and fun. NLFB permeates energy in Northern Ontario’s artistic community, and the iconic image of the bear evokes the youthfulness and vibrancy of the festival.

The challenge was to target a new demographic while remaining faithful to the brand image that core audiences knew and loved. Our team was able to create a brand that appealed to both. We produced digital billboards, imprints, web banners, apparel, artist lanyards, signage and more to captivate attention and promote excitement for the festival's 45th and 46th editions.

Blue Door Soup Kitchen

Branding, Digital, Print Design, Responsive Website Design, Wordpress Development

We love our community and pride ourselves on being community-minded. So, when a local soup kitchen approached us for help with their branding, we were excited to have the opportunity to give back. We donated our time to rebrand Blue Door Soup Kitchen, with a new identity centred around the concept of “opening doors”, a symbolic gesture that is at the heart of Blue Door Soup Kitchen. We applied the brand to letterhead, business cards, ads, and a new responsive WordPress website. We continue to work with them and have developed several print campaigns to help promote the great work they do in Sudbury.

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Desimone Shoes & Spa

Branding, Logos & Collateral, Promotional Materials, Print Design

DeSimone Shoes & Spa is a premier retail store and spa. We designed the full experience, from head to toe including a fresh brand, beautiful stationery, environmental signage, and in-store promotional materials. The final product is where health meets beauty.

LiveMax Health Group

Audio & Video Production, Branding, Copywriting, Digital, Logos & Collateral, Naming, Print Design, Promotional Materials, Responsive Website Design, UI / UX Design, Wordpress Development

We worked with the team of interdisciplinary health professionals to develop a name, a brand, and a clear direction for their new business. LiveMax Health Group was coined to clearly communicate the team's innate desire to help their patients live to their maximum potential. After naming and branding the new business, we designed traditional pieces including environmental signage, business cards, stationery, referral pads for local doctors, and more. We also built their digital presence which consisted of a promotional photo and video shoot, design and development of a custom WordPress website, and the design of social media graphics.

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